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The fun and exciting world of Art Basel

Art Basel - Miami Beach 2017

Starting in early December, the Art Basel exhibition is coming in Miami to provide interesting and cutting-edge art installations from around the world for you to enjoy in America. The yearly tradition brings all kinds of media to the fore, from visual art to performances, and will prove to be an excellent way to entertain and […]

Basquiat and Warhol: Exploitative or even-handed relationship?

Basquiat and Warhol - wall in Wynwood, Miami FL

Basquiat and Warhol, the Pop Art master, became good friends and constant collaborators, creating works of art that were vibrant and brilliant.  Was this relationship authentic, however, or did it have a slightly darker side? During the rise of the hip-hop, punk, and street art movements of the late 1970’s, Basquiat started his rise to […]

Designing with Toilet Paper – A Showcase of Maurizio Cattelan

Toilet Paper Collection by Maurizio Cattelan

The History of Toilet Paper Maurizio Cattelan, in collaboration with the Italian photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari, created ToiletPaper Magazine a bi-annual visual publication. Started in 2009, it still runs and still is an interesting amalgam of cultural forces on the artistic publishing world. As reported by The New Yorker, Cattelan “had so much fun” working with […]

Easy home decorating ideas for that perfect style you crave

home decorating ideas

Home decorating ideas help develop your own unique style One of the biggest challenges of making your home truly unique is how to properly decorate.  There are so many different styles, options and things to consider when you’re trying to put your personal stamp onto your home that it can, at times, be extremely daunting.  […]

Basquiat’s Unconventional Love Life, Basquiat and Madonna

Basquiat and Madonna - Love affair

A complicated young man, diverse in his talents and interests, Jean-Michel Basquiat was many things at once. He was a brilliant artist, an avant-garde, a politicizing and inspiring figure, but most importantly, a human who loved. He loved many things, from art to specific people, being sure to only truly open up to those he […]