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Whatshisname by Sebastien Burdon

Sebastian Burdon was born in 1982 in Eastern Poland. He is living and working today in London, UK. Retelling that his first work of art was produced at the early age of 7, Burdon demonstrates his early interest in the arts. In 2006, Burdon moved to the United Kingdom and worked as an assistant for renowned British artists and designers. He demonstrated his multifaceted artistic skills in digital and traditional mediums of expression.

Sebastian Burdon adopted the alias Whatshisname after reflecting on the difficulty of often remembering other artists’ names and thus inquiring “What’s his name?” On the other hand, Burdon claims being inspired by the band Green Day’s song “Whatshername”. In addition, Burdon comments that his art aims to motivate the viewer to perceive the world around. Not to mention that he does it through an unorthodox and derisive lense. Moreover, Burdon manages to use his art as a much more eloquent medium of communication able to express what words come short when describing.