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A beautiful vase has the power to transform any sill, desk, or coffee table it graces.

Musart Boutique’s incredible portfolio of vases offers a subtle, stylish way to bring more great art into your home. Choose from such bold, dynamic pieces as our Modigliani Caryatid vase with its sensual curves and eye-catching black-and-white linework, or our Van Gogh Irises, popping with color and vitality.

For a different taste altogether, try our MoMA Outline Vase, which has a startling unreal design, or our Klimt Adele Bloch-Bauer Vase, carrying earthy colors and a classic style. Our vases sit perfectly alongside our boxes and casts & sculptures, revitalizing any living room or bedroom.

Browse our selection to see unique vases like none you’ve seen before, such as our Mondiran Line Up and Mondrian Composition With Red, Yellow, and Blue.

Beautiful. Unforgettable. At home in your home.