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Rodin: the most important sculptor of the Modern Age

Sculptor Auguste Rodin was a French sculptor who exhibited a unique talent to capture the extreme depths of human emotion. Although he was never accepted to study at the prestigious École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, he had been traditionally schooled and was undoubtedly inspired by sculptural traditions.

A majority of his criticism was due to his departure from highly decorative and thematic traditions. He preferred forms that were true to nature and took Michelangelo and da Vinci as prime influences. Despite the controversy that surrounded his art, he refused to change his style, sticking to his vision until the end of his days.

He is most known for The Thinker, which was originally part of a larger vision, and it, along with The Kiss and Gates of Hell, tried to encapsulate Dante’s Inferno in bronze.

Eventually, he became widely renowned for his unexpected realism and use of unconventional materials. Throughout his later life, he had often been compared to Michelangelo himself and remains one of the greatest artists of his era.