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Handcrafted silk flowers by Emilio Robba

As one of the dominant worldwide figures of ‘permanent botanicals’ – art pieces created utilizing elements like silk, in order to create extremely lifelike plants and flowers – Emilio Robba has been entertaining the world with his preternatural gift for design and flower bouquets for years, and has attained a worldwide celebrity status with his inclusion in galleries all over the world. For thirty years he has created these pieces (which he considers Illusions, due to their lifelike nature) and has successfully crossed many cultural boundaries.

His work has been praised for its utilization of techniques and materials that produces flowers so lifelike they are often mistaken for real – even at a touch! By actively researching and experiencing various forms of flower arrangement and natural, landscaped beauty, Robba realized that not even nature is ‘naturally beautiful.’ To this day, he understands the value of a guided, artistic hand directing the course of nature.

Robba continues creating his vibrant and lifelike depictions of flowers and plants to this day, and his “illusions” have caught the breath of the world.