Paper weights

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As with many of the best gifts, our paperweights blend beautiful design with practicality. While these can be used in the home or office to hold documents in place, our paperweights actually make beautiful decorative pieces that revitalize any space in which you choose to display them.

Made of the sleekest, smoothest glass, Musart Boutique’s paperweights feature a variety of masterpieces, including Magritte’s unforgettable The Son of Man – a creation which is as timeless as it is bizarre. Magritte’s The Treachery of Images, highlighting the gap between artistic representations of reality and reality itself, brings a touch of sophistication to any coffee table, shelf, or desk.

The works of Klimt are entirely different to Magritte’s: dynamic pieces alive with color, sensual lines, and detail. Our Klimt paperweights are the perfect complement to our Klimt boxes and mugs.

For any occasion, choose Musart Boutique’s paperweights: stylish, beautiful, and powerful.