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The offices we work in everyday can quickly become sterile, stale environments. Lacking in dynamism, bereft of color, our workplaces must bear at least some traces of our personalities to make our time there more comfortable. This extends to the way in which we dress, too – adding personal flourishes to our outfits can put a little spring in our step and make us feel truly ourselves, even with our ‘work hats’ on.

Bring life to your desk with our collection of office and accessories. Choose from a wide variety of stunning, unique gifts inspired by many of the great works throughout the centuries. Our Hokusai Paperweight, boasting the Great Wave Off Kanagawa is an outstanding addition to any desk, while our Frank Lloyd Wright Cufflinks spruce up any shirt.

We also offer card cases featuring designs inspired by the Eames brothers and Frank Lloyd Wright, and gorgeous pens. Brighten up your daily work with any of these pieces, combined with our casts & sculptures or mugs.

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