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Too many of us take mirrors for granted. Eventually, they can actually bring an artistic touch to the home as decorative pieces, as much about form as function.

Musart Boutique’s range of beautiful mirrors features unforgettable artworks of such world-renowned masters as Lichtenstein, Klimt, or Hokusai. All artistic tastes and passions are catered for, aiming for dedicated lovers of classic landscapes and abstracts, with designs popping with color. Along with our magnets and our casts & sculptures, these bring a powerful diversity to your décor.

High-quality reproductions of iconic images, such as Klimt’s The Virgins Die Jungfrau and Three Ages of Women appear on our mirrors, as well as Lloyd Wright’s Biltmore and Hokusai’s The Great Wave.

Wall mirrors and compacts are both available, bringing the great artists to your home and your handbag alike. Each mirror is of the highest standard and makes the perfect gift for yourself or the art-lover in your life.