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Musart Boutique’s collection of magnets features a diverse variety of masterpieces, covering a range of styles.

Magnet sets are a simple and fun way to bring classic art into your home. Perhaps you want to display them on your fridge-freezer, in your entrance hall, or in your study, Our magnets are incredibly versatile, suitable for displaying in any room you prefer. Furthermore, they can fit in wherever you have room, unlike larger reproductions of classic art.

Our Klimt set, for example, features eight stunning images on rectangular and square shapes. We present these in a clear snap-shut box to maintain their condition. Our Magritte The Son of Man magnet boasts the iconic image of a bowler hat-clad man hidden behind an apple. Treachery of Images highlights the gap between art’s representation of reality and reality itself.

Our magnets complement our coasters and paperweights as subtle ways to bring the best of today’s art museums into your home.