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Reimagine Pop Culture with Lichtenstein Art

Roy Lichtenstein is one of the prime contributors to the Pop Art movement. Lichtenstein art essentially paved the way for more commercial styles of art to flourish by blending the “low” and “high” forms of art and create something new. Using comic books and advertisements as inspiration, he reimagined pop culture through a highly skilled and critical lens.

Lichtenstein eventually established his own and very unique voice. One of his most effective pieces, Whaam! is a stellar example of his ability to imagine stunning works of art. Whaam! is energetic and also features his ability to create a consistent and well-composed image. The diptych has an expressive power and remains a fantastic piece of work.

Lichtenstein art achieved success worldwide, yet would still often be criticized for his methods and choices of subject matter. Despite this, he remains seen as a definitive example of the Pop Art movement and a master artist in his own right.