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Foundation of Abstract Expressionism by Kandinsky

Wassily Kandinsky’s eminence as one of the primary motivators of the Abstract art movement in the early 20th century solidifies him as one of history’s important artistic figures. His images are timeless and thought-provoking, and Kandinsky was one of the few pioneers in the realm of abstract emotions.
He wished to express spiritual truths in his art, and he believed in the connection between visual art and music (which would later become integral to Kandinsky’s works) and the spiritual and symbolic associations of color.  He firmly believed in a spontaneous, intuitive approach to painting, and many of his works emphasize this.
He played a very prominent role in the philosophical foundations for the progression of Modernism, in particular Abstract Expressionism. Jackson Pollock, for instance, was interested in Kandinsky and his theories on the expressive possibilities in art, which contributed greatly to Pollock’s own career. By making the foundations for Expressionism, Kandinsky set the stage for entire movements and revolutions within the art culture of the day, with effects resonating still.