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Gnomes for Home or Garden Design

Gnomes are more commonly associated with gardens. Nonetheless, Musart Boutique’s statues are perfect ornaments to bring a touch of mischievous charm to any room in your home.

These are available in numerous colors and gestures but always with the same good-looking shape. Somewhat subversive, the Middle finger Gnome proudly raises the middle finger. It is a charming contrast to the friendly, whimsical gnome most designers create.

Our gnome statues boast attention to detail by bringing irresistibly cheeky charm to your home. Besides, our gnomes can sit alongside any of our crafts and sculptures.

Ottmar Horl’s Gnome designs are bold, characterful, and a fantastic gift for every it-boy or it-girl around. Hörl himself is famous for his political artwork and his sometimes controversial themes.