Flower bowls

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Few things are as beautiful as flowers – and our portfolio of Flower Bowls are stunning decorative pieces which combine natural beauty with outstanding design.

Our Flower Bowls are available in a stunning variety of colors and designs. Designed by Emilio Robba, these boast bold reds, vibrant greens, and irresistible purples, with our amazing, exclusive  “illusion water”.

While our Flower Bowls are designed in France, they are handmade in America, with love, care, and expertise. No matter which bowl you choose, you can expect timeless beauty at an affordable price. These make a fantastic addition to your décor, alongside our scented candles and boxes.

Your Flower Bowl is delivered in an elegant gift box, and we can also provide gift wrapping designed by Emilio Robba for added visual impact. With sleek glass and perfectly-placed colors, these bowls are the ideal gift to mark any special occasion.