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Degas: Impressionism Art items

While considered a founder of Impressionism, Edgar Degas himself hated the term and considered himself a realist. His paintings all display great technical skill as well as artistic sensibilities, often showcasing very interesting perspectives and subjects, which differentiated him from most of his contemporaries.
In the 1870’s Degas penned his most renowned works, including Foyer de la Dance and Musicians in the Orchestra. In this time, he drew inspiration from cafes, boulevards, shops, and more, devoting his time capturing the beauty of natural, everyday humanity. He would also join a group of young artists, including the likes such as Monet, and put on exhibitions known as the “Impressionist Exhibitions.” His works and the works of his group members were very successful.
Although he denied and despised the term, “Impressionist,” it is still important to recognize his contributions to the form. Whatever he can be considered, it is certainly true that Degas’ work will remain magnificent and notable, both for its technical as well as its emotional beauty.
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