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Authentic CowParade figurines

CowParade figurines are among the top’s world collectibles items. The figurines are small reproductions of life-size cow statues which are decorated by local artists. Painters create these original-size sculptures for the CowParade art event.

The art show takes place in a different city each year. Most of the time, the host city relevant traditions and themes inspire the general CowParade design. Then, the decorated cows stand in the city, in public places such as important avenues, and parks. Finally, at the end of each art event, CowParade organization offers all the masterpieces for auction, thus raises money to charities. The popularity of these CowParade collectible items doesn’t stop rising year after year. Therefore, Musart Boutique has selected the most iconic CowParade figurines from the Museum Edition and brings them to you at reasonable prices. As a result, each cow in our collection is an authentic, detailed replica of a cow from an official CowParade event. Our statues come in two of the three official shapes. All of our hand-painted ceramic or resin reproductions capture the finest details of the original cow masterpieces.