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Musart Boutique’s portfolio of beautiful boxes features a variety of timeless artworks.

Choose from masterpieces by the greatest artists from across the eras. Warhol. Dali. Degas. Van Gogh. Da Vinci. Mondrian.

Our boxes are the ideal way to introduce stunning works of art into the home, in an affordable, practical way. Not only do these make outstanding display pieces, but our boxes are also a practical storage solution destined to revitalise your coffee tables, mantelpieces, and desks.

For dedicated art-lovers and novices alike, Musart Boutique’s boxes make the perfect gift. Along with our candles and our casts & sculptures, these are a simple way to bring a little more sophistication into the home.

As with our coasters and magnets, our boxes bring a touch of the museum to your living room. Each box is made with high-quality materials and boast an uncanny attention to detail. Our selection includes book boxes, tins, and boxes of various sizes, all boasting flawless reproductions.