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Bearbrick series, or to be more accurate BE@RBRICK series

The Bearbrick series limited editions represent bear-shaped toys designed in a cartoon style. the Japanese Medicom Toy released Bearbrick series in 2001 as a gift idea.

Bearbrick series usually range between 50% to 1000%. The standard figurine is the 100% representation and is 2.7″ tall. In other words, all Bearbrick series exists in this size and are available in blind boxes. Then comes the second most common format that most collectors buy. It is the 400% representation and is 11″ tall. Thirdly,  the 200% figurine is less common and it is 5.7″ tall. Finally, the 1000% version is the largest regular Be@rbrick model and is only released in Limited Edition as a collectible statue. This makes them limited in nature and consequently difficult to collect.

Each series consists of four different categories with a different level of rarity: Basic, Standard, Artists, and Secret.
While its limited edition strategy guarantees long-lasting interest, it’s the different joint efforts and collaborations that BE@RBRICKS share in that truly make these forms of art.