Balloon Bunnies

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Remember the feeling of sadness as a child, when your precious balloon bunny statue would suddenly pop or deflate? We have good news! Our beautiful metallic finish resin Balloon Bunnies are here to save the day by embodying the precious childhood memories we hold dear in our hearts, without the threat of having them pop or deflate away. Their seductive metallic finish and playful Balloon Bunny aesthetics, vividly serve as a bridging mechanism between the art world and our popular culture. Although our collection of Balloon Bunnies includes a wide variety of models in different colors and sizes to choose from, unlike real bunnies our Balloon Bunnies do not multiply, but rather aim to multiply the amount smiles sparked in viewers of all ages. Perfect for centerpieces, souvenirs, basket filler, paperweights, desktop decorations or for gifts of any kind of occasion!