Pablo Picasso the Womanizer – the Secret Life of the Famous Artist

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]picasso-women2While he remains one of the most famous artists ever, Picasso had a sickness in his life – an almost insatiable urge to seduce as many women as he could. We hear about celebrities being jerks all the time, so it isn’t much surprise that the rich and famous always tended to act like this! Even if he treated women nicely at the beginning of their relationships, they would almost all end with Picasso finding another object of his affections, and making works directly inspired by them. It’s great to enjoy the man’s work, but it’s also important to remember the lives of those who inspired him. Here are some of the women that Picasso seduced and who helped shape his art.

Fernande Olivier

The first long-term relationship of the famous artist, Fernande and Picasso met in 1904 in Paris while she was still married to her husband. Their affair was secret and continued for at least seven years! She features heavily in what is considered Picasso’s Rose Period and was a large influence on his work until her departure from his life in 1912, after Picasso developed affections for another woman, who he promptly left Fernande for. What a romantic.

Olga Khokhlova

A Russian Ballerina, Olga was Picasso’s first wife, and the two met in 1917 while Picasso was designing the ballet “Parade.” They became attached, and married in 1918. During their marriage, which lasted happily until 1935 (when Picasso started another affair), Picasso would paint brilliant masterpieces such as Portrait of woman in d’hermine Pass inspired by his wife. Being no fool, however, Olga separated immediately from Picasso after hearing of the affair, and tried to divorce him. Picasso would never give her the official divorce because he didn’t want his assets taken away. Good thing he got that great art from her though!

Marie-Thérèse Walter

When they met, Marie was 17 and Picasso was 44, so we’re already off to a great start. While Marie was the inspiration for many of Picasso’s great works, such as the Vollart Suite etchings and The Dream, Picasso would still end up sabotaging the relationship, when he met a woman named Dora Maar in 1936. This is the relationship that would tear apart Olga’s heart (since it was found that Marie was pregnant) and is one of the perfect examples of how Picasso treated people.

Genevieve Laporte

Apparently only a footnote to Picasso, Genevieve still garnered much attention from the man. While only being in his life for a relatively short, six-week period, Genevieve had impacted Picasso enough that some art historians and museums consider his output during their relationship the, “Genevieve Period.” This period of time, starting in 1951, was a whirlwind of emotion in Picasso’s life, and saw the coming and going of many lovers.

Jacqueline Roque

Of course, he ended up settling down for a time with another woman, who he would make his second wife. Jacqueline, who was 26 years old to his 72, must have been quite the influential young woman indeed, because Picasso was so transfixed with the woman that he painted her portrait over 160 times. Although numerous legal issues concerning Picasso’s estate would plague her after the artist’s death, she would help establish the Musée Picasso in Paris.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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