Vincent Gregoire - MusartBorn in Paris, lived in London and New York. Currently based in Miami.

What do you think of art: “Art is the best mark one can leave on earth.”

Favorite artist: “Mondrian because of his evolution as a person and as an artist. He was a true visionary and one of the first minimal artists that decided to go from very detailed realistic paintings of landscapes to pure and simple geometric shapes and primary colors. This sparkle of genius co-founded the post-modern movement.”

Favorite item: “Our collection of hand-crafted, lacquered wood trays and boxes, with the “Composition with red, yellow and blue” (1930). Our logo was inspired by this masterpiece, the horizontal lines signifying a sense of rest and calm, while the vertical lines communicating a sense of height.”

Favorite museum: “The Louvre in Paris. With over 35,000 objects from prehistory to the 21st century, in such a breathtaking historic monument, the Louvre is definitely a very unique place on earth.”

Favorite quote: “Experience is a truer guide than the words of others – Da Vinci”

Hobbies: “I love traveling and meeting new people from different cultures. I have visited more than 25 countries all over the globe, and I hope to continue to increase this list!”

Fun Facts/Hidden talents: “I feel at home everywhere I go!”


Talissa Philogene - Musart

Born and raised in Haiti, resides in Miami.

What do you think of art: “Art is something yearning to be shared with, from one’s soul. In other words, a beauty that comes straight from an artist’s heart and reaches others’.”

Favorite artist: “Roy Lichtenstein, one of the first American pop artist to achieve widespread renown, and became a leading figure in the new art movement. Most of his works were inspired by comic strips, which later lead to a lot of criticism and accusation of plagiarism. Along with Andy Warhol, Lichtenstein’s graphic works had a lot of influence on the American pop culture and the art world itself.”

Favorite museum: “The Perez Art Museum Miami, which is a contemporary art museum located within the new museum Park in Downtown Miami.”

Favorite item: “The Eternal Spring sculpture by the French Artist “Auguste Rodin”, which evokes the happiness of a pair of lovers in which the man dominates the composition, sustaining the arching body of his lover that joints him in a very passionate kiss. In May 2016, a marble version was sold at auction for a then record-breaking 20 million dollars.”

Favorite quote: “I consider that the body is the only true clothing for the soul that allows its radiance to shine out – Auguste Rodin”

Hobbies: “I enjoy spending time with my family and watching documentaries about the human’s body (the reproduction system).”

Fun Facts/Hidden talents: “I love to cook.”


Boutaina El Mouchtari - Musart Boutique

Born in Casablanca, Morocco. Lived in Vancouver, NYC and now Miami.

What do you think of art: ” Art is the place where imagination meets reality. It’s a platform that helps balance our minds and souls.”

Favorite artist: “Rene Magritte because of his thought-provoking images. He would take ordinary objects and depicts them in very unusual context. Which never fails to amaze me. His imagery has influenced pop, minimalist and conceptual art.”

Favorite item: “My favorite item is ‘The Son of Man’ (1964) from Magritte. To me, the apple that’s placed in front of the man’s face represents the forbidden fruit, our sins, more specifically our greed. If we let our greed guide us, it will blind us completely. Neither we can see the world in front of us nor the world can see our truest self. Plus this piece was a self-portrait of Magritte. Which is quite interesting to me.”

Favorite museum: “Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Because of it’s large and versatile collection. They have everything from classical and Ancient Egypt to more modern art. My favorite section is the African, Ancient Egypt and Islamic Arts. Because it’s my History but I never had access to it in my own country. It felt amazing to experience that.”

Favorite quote: ” If the dream is a translation of waking life, waking life is also a translation of the dream.” René Magritte.

Hobbies: Writing and reading

Fun Facts/Hidden talents: “I love to write scripts and then turn them into movies.”

ORHEL CABRERA – The Accomplished Artist

Orhel Cabreras - Musart Boutique

Born in Colombia, raised in Canada. Lived in Boston. Currently resides in Miami.

What do you think of art: “Art is arguably the most eloquent medium of communication when expressing our deepest thoughts and feelings. In this sense, art serves as a bridge between the subconscious of the artist and that of the spectator.”

Favorite artist: “Salvador Dali because his contributions to the surrealist movement revolutionized the art world and pop culture, and his legacy persists today. Dali’s eccentric personality drew just as much attention as his surrealist artworks did, and his influence has inspired important artists of our contemporary age like Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons. Dali’s explorations of Freudian psychology and the human unconscious in his dream-like works, confront our human frailty by addressing issues like our sublimated fears, obsessions, complexes and fixations. “

Favorite museum: “Boston Fine Arts Museum, it contains over 450,000 artworks making it the fourth largest museum in the United States. It is my favorite because it has one of the most comprehensive collections in the world. One can find works ranging from the Egyptian art, French Impressionism, Contemporary Art and more. Because surrealism is one of my favorite artistic movements finding Frida Kahlo, the Mexican surrealist artist’s work “Two Women” (1928), made my experience at the Boston Fine Arts Museum much more memorable. “

Favorite item: “Our three-dimensional resin representation of Dali’s work “The Burning Giraffe” (1937) (The Lady with Drawers) because through his use of Freudian symbology Dali brilliantly argues through his depiction of “drawers” for the sublimated fears and repressed sexuality of the central female figure, and arguably for that of women in society. Moreover, his recurrent use of “crutches” represent both our human frailty and the different structures we use to anchor us into the real world. “The Burning Giraffe” is my favorite work because just like he did in his most iconic work “The Persistence of Memory” where he challenged the rigidity and fixed concept of Time, through the melted clocks depicted, here Dali challenges the self-reliance and strength of our human nature. “

Favorite quote: “Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it” – Salvador Dali”

Hobbies: “During my free time I enjoy writing, reading, crocheting and sketching.”

Fun Facts/Hidden talents: “I absolutely love to play piano and to recite/write poetry.”


Born in Sunrise, FL. and currently resides in Miami.

What do you think of art: “Art is sharing how each individual perceives the world. Not one person experiences the world the same so everyone creates their own masterpiece.”

Favorite artist: “Vincent Van Gogh because of his inability to be understood. During his lifetime he was viewed as an unsuccessful and crazy artist, but after his death he became more appreciated. He truly is a misunderstood genius.”

Favorite museum: “The Louvre simply because of the Mona Lisa. Waiting in the long line and pushing through the crowd to get a glance at this beautiful painting was all worth it.

Favorite item: “Our Musart on Decks collection because I can display some timeless masterpieces in my home while bridging traditional art history and contemporary skateboarding. Our boards are also limited editions of 100 which adds a nice conversation piece in my home. I specifically like our Banksy inspired (Brandalised) “Grey Ghost” Triptychs. Banksy’s piece seem to just belong on skateboards.”

Favorite quote: “What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?” – Vincent Van Gogh.

Hobbies: “Spending time with my family, working-out, and playing basketball.”

Fun Facts/Hidden talents: “I like to customize Nike shoes by deconstructing and painting them.”