emilio robbaEmilio Robba has, through diligence and genius intent, completely revolutionized the silk flower industry and has turned it into a true art form worthy of heady consideration. By allowing his gifts in aesthetics to take over, he has truly made his “illusions” into beautiful, unique representations of the majesty and fallibility of nature. With worldwide renown in decorating and artistic circles, Robba has enchanted the world with his unique look into replicating the natural world. By engineering new techniques and bringing flower arrangement to a new and interesting level, he has taken his rightful place as a master craftsman and artist. Musart is honored to share the works and vision of Robba for these reasons.

Emilio Robba Biography

Emilio Robba was born to Italian parents living in Paris, on January 27, 1944. From a very young age, Robba understood that he was suited towards an artistic lifestyle and understood that, through his parents’ careers as artists, he would become an artist himself. By beginning with painting and studying color and form at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, he would continue to develop an appreciation for design that manifested in a newfound love of nature and floral design. Almost immediately, he began pushing the barriers of what floral design meant with his vision and determination.

During this time, Emilio Robba became enchanted with the Orchid, “the flower of flowers,” and achieved some of his greatest inspirations and aesthetic qualities from it. The heavy influence of the Orchid species is very apparent in his work and has even become a type of signature style for Robba’s talents to emulate.
In 1980, Robba was asked by famous fashion designer, Pierre Cardin, to create a retail store for his finest creations, with the inclusion of all manner of unusual and unique species of flower. These creations were headed under the label, “Maxim’s de Paris,” and enabled Robba to successfully transition into a fully-formed and realized designer. Immediately after this experience, Robba took to creating his own unique collection: “Flowers of Illusion” which fully solidified his fame and earned him an almost instantaneous following.
In the 1990s, Robba’s talents were earning a worldwide fame, and he was noticed by ITOKIN, a large and successful operation in Japan, who gave Emilio Robba a platform for worldwide distribution and success. This partnership enabled Robba to successfully carry his name towards other projects, such as rugs, furnishings, vases and linens – even to designing female clothing and accessories. Robba’s artistic vision was now on full display for the world to enjoy.
In 2003, Robba celebrated his 15th year anniversary in the Japanese market and in 2009 his 30th anniversary of being a successful artist. To this day, Robba maintains a dominating influence on the silk floral arrangement industry and his vision continues to transcend the boundaries of this medium. His works are considered true sculptural accessories and he continues to build his award-winning creations, as well as his home décor pursuits, to this very day.

Career Highlights

Robba’s success is almost entire due to the unique way he approaches the challenges of the natural world. While learning bouquet arrangement and landscaping at a young age, Robba was continually confronted with the realization that nature is flawed and imperfect, and that to create simulations of nature that were perfect was to miss the whole point. Nature, Emilio Robba understood, is not naturally beautiful.
This important realization came to him after traveling to Japan to study Ikebana (the art of Japanese flower arrangement). While noticing the perfectly sculpted and manicured sights, he came to understand the necessity of a guiding hand for nature. Just as tremendous effort and vision are essential in creating a garden, so to do structured floral compositions require the same amount of rigor.
Robba’s designs are, at the end of the day, the attempt to capture this dichotomous relationship in nature – the imperfections and perfections, the natural and the artificial, coming together to create a unique and beautiful glimpse into what is possible using the earth itself as your medium. It is simply not enough to capture nature in a bottle; one must capture the essence of the guiding hand of artistic sensibility as well in order to create something truly wonderful.
This is why Emilio Robba insists on the “Illusions” moniker to differentiate his works – the reason for his successful career and his timeless aesthetic is due to this blending of the natural and artificial worlds of art and design. His great success is due in no small part to this exceptional conceptual marriage and the utter beauty of his finished works, and he will certainly remain in the public eye for a long time. The realization of his vision is without peer, and the attention to detail of his works is masterful.

Fun Facts about Emilio Robba

– A specific Phalaenopsis Orchid is named after him, and Orchids have been a pivotal influential figure for his creative process.
– He has been given the title, “The sculptor of flowers” after decorating the President of the French Republic’s airplane.
– He has always disliked the description “artificial” when applied to his creations and prefers to think of them as “Illusions.”
– He has over 75 boutiques worldwide and operates mainly out of Miami, New York, and Paris.
– Emilio Robba has written a famous book, “The Art of Arranging Silk Flowers,” which extensively details his artistic techniques.

Concluding Thoughts

It is easy to see why Emilio Robba has become as influential and interesting a figure as he has, because who else would have been capable of bringing their vision into the fore? From his beginnings as a humble art student to his present as a representational figure of the silk flower art form, Robba’s impact on the medium is without compare. His works blur the line between artificial silk and natural plants in a delightful and awe-inspiring way and are some of the most impressive examples of the attempt to capture the essence of nature. It is no mystery why Musart is proud to showcase and carry his beautiful creations.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][laborator_products_carousel row_clear=”4″ products_query=”size:16|order_by:date|post_type:,product|tax_query:94″][/vc_column][/vc_row]