Musart’s tribute to the “Woman in Gold”

Woman in Gold - Adele Bauer

The Musart Boutique is proud to feature a tribute to Gustav Klimt’s artwork.

Following on the success of the movie the “Woman in Gold” and the history behind the Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I (1907), Gustav Klimt is in the news again.

The Austrian artist (1862 – 1918) was considered to be particularly controversial during his lifetime. Klimt’s main subject in his work was the female body, with figurines and ornaments that melt to become compositions of unique sensuality. His work was often criticized for being too sensual and erotic. Klimt’s “Golden Phase” is his most widely recognized period of art. Many of his paintings during this time, including “The Kiss”, considered as the “Allegory of Love”, were made with gold leaf.

The Musart Boutique carries a unique collection of authentic items, from tableware to statues, that feature many of the artist masterpieces: The Kiss, The Expectation, The Fulfillment, The Tree of Life, Three Ages of Women, and Portraits of Judith and Adele Bloch Bauer.

Complex production processes (fine porcelain, mouth-blown glass), premium materials and high quality handicraft grant to combine elegance and style. Our exclusive selection of gifts and accessories will allow you to refine your personal atmosphere with masterpieces of art history and turn your house into the treasure chest of living.

Join our enthusiasts’ community and take home a piece of museum!


A detail of the “Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I” (1907) by Klimt is illustrated on the surface of this glass frame. Size: 23.82″ x 20.87″ x 1.38″ Material: Picture on Glass, Porcelain frame. Limited Edition with certificate of authenticity.

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