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Ever dreamt of having a timeless masterpiece decorating the walls of your favorite room? Or ever thought possible skateboarding on an actual iconic masterwork?

Musart Boutique is proud to present its original exclusive limited-edition skateboard deck collection Musart on Decks, seeking to bring the tradition of customizing boards in skateboarding subculture to the traditional world of the history of art. Musart on Decks is inspired on the tradition of decorating skateboards with hand-crafted designs made and stickers to use top-quality printing methods to transfer masterpieces by world-renowned artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Vincent van Gogh and many more.

Vincent van Gogh Skateboard Triptych – Musart on Decks – Self Portrait (1889)

Each our individual mellow concave Skateboards are constructed with seven plies of 100% Canadian/American Maple, which are cold pressed in order to protect the wood fibers of the deck from weakening when exposed to high temperatures. No need to worry about ruining your precious masterpiece, the artwork on our Musart on Decks is chemically bound to the ink transferred to each individual skateboard. Whether it is to skateboard or to embellish the walls of your favorite rooms, our Musart on Decks are designed to ensure that the masterpiece on your real skateboard decks survives the test of time for as long as these real timeless artworks have survived in our collective memory.

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