Miami Design District and Art in Interior Design

Miami is known across the world as being one of America’s great art and culture cities. It is host to the Miami Basel on Miami Beach, one of the offshoots of the famous Basel art festivals. Artists and homeowners from around the world come to Miami for inspiration. For interior designers looking to use art in their client’s home there is only one location they need to visit: The Miami Design District. And whether it is to add character to your home or increase your art collection, Miami has it all.


According to real estate experts Discover Homes, Design District is a center for avant-gardist art, fashion and architecture. They call it the “hippest zipcode in Miami.” The neighborhood is also known for its rehabilitation from urban decay to becoming the art neighborhood of Miami. This was achieved by designer Craig Robins purchasing a large number of buildings and bringing in famous designers to work their magic.

One of these famous interior designers was Holly Hunter. Hunter has one of her high-end interior showrooms in Miami Design District. Interior designers and house owners come to Design District to discover new ideas about interior design from her showroom.

Miami Design District

Design District is home to many of Miami’s best art galleries; from fine art to contemporary – it covers all styles. The most famous museum is the Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami. The museum is free to the public and is dedicated to promoting the work of contemporary artists from Miami and across the world. With more than 20,000 square feet of gallery space and 15,000 square feet of public sculpture gardens, the museum is one of the biggest displays of art in Miami. With so much art in Miami Design District, it is no wonder that it is such a strong feature of interior design.

Leading Interior Design Company DKOR wrote about finding artists and artwork for interior designs in Miami. They stated the importance of art framing in designing a room. They also state they are often required to choose the artwork to fit the rooms. So they have set up their own art collection called Minted showcasing local independent talent.

The Miami Design District is also home to some of Miami’s most exclusive shops and restaurants. High-end stores include Hermès, Omega and Prada along with many more. Miami’s Design District is the place to be for young professionals and the interiors of their homes reflect this.


The Design District is about embracing the old and revamping it to make it new. The galleries in old warehouses reflect this, as do the interior design stores. The district is Miami’s art and design heart and it is no wonder that people from across the globe come looking for inspiration.

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