Le point D: Disrupting Contemporary Furniture

Le Point D - Decorating style a la française

Why not switch for Le point D? It’s a difficult and common scenario that most people are familiar with: either you go frugal, get Ikea furniture that looks cliché and cheap and wait for it to break, or you go for the top shelf and spend thousands on beautiful, hardy furniture that looks great, lasts a long time, but shatters your bank account. In these modern times, it seems that there really isn’t much in the way of other options for the discerning furniture buyer – even going to vintage or second-hand stores nowadays will yield results that end up costing more than they should. What if there was a company, however, that understood these concerns and decided to act upon it? What if you could get great style and quality at a price you could appreciate? What if you could get genuinely beautiful, impeccably designed furniture at a great price?

Enter Le point D: a French furniture design company that’s committed to making your apartment looking fantastic for an affordable cost.


Le point D – a visionary idea and a love for Design

Founded by Xavier Daublain and Damien Sanoner, the two designers met at the nursery of their children. After discussing their mutual love of Design, they decided to band together to create a unique and interesting vision for a certain way of life. The harmonious pair has seen through their vision and established Le point D as the representation of their ideals: beautiful design at an affordable price.

Coach - model Couchino by Le point D
Couch – model Couchino by Le point D

The core concept of Le point D is one of customization and beauty. By bringing their design to the internet, they have garnered accessibility and options such as an augmented reality app in order to best serve their customer base. By choosing the best partners and artisans, they are offering the best in furniture that is affordable and high-quality and most importantly uniquely designed.

An innovative way to customize and deliver products

One of the most interesting things about Le point D is their innovative and compelling augmented reality method of furniture customization, creation, and distribution. By allowing the customer to modify and manipulate their purchases before they buy, they allow unparalleled access to some of the most unique ways to give customers precisely what they want. You can modify the design, the color, and other variables and fully gain an understanding and appreciation for what you’re about to purchase. Shopping for furniture has never been easier!

Augmented Reality - Couchino Couch by Le Point D
Augmented reality – Customize your own couch by Le Point D

Combined with their ability to work with phenomenal designers from all kinds of backgrounds, you are able to purchase brilliantly designed – and customizable – furniture for a reasonable price, delivered directly to your door.

A Unique Philosophy

Le point D is a company that demands of itself to be the best custom designer furniture venue out there on the internet and it does this by offering unique products that are created by visionary designers specifically for Le point D, all at affordable prices. By giving the customer the ability to customize each and every one of their products with their 3d configurator, they allow the buyer unparalleled ability to create a style all their own, with configurations customized specifically to all personal tastes.

Stool made of naturall cork - Le Point D - Decoration and French design
Stool made of 100% natural cork by Le Point D – Model CRAC

This is the underlying philosophy of the entire company – an ultimately personal product, designed by specific, brilliant designers.

Not only this, there are also products on their site that take the customization process further than simply materials, colors and finish – the Fab Lab (fabrication laboratory) also exists for some specific designs. This process fully empowers customers to work with a production manager, who will advise and assist, in order to create a truly custom and exceptional piece of furniture.

Bespoke Wall Shelf – Model Labyrinthe by Le Point D

The entire company is based on a personalized, self-sufficient philosophy, and one that will cater precisely to the needs of their clients. Being able to get intimately designed and impeccably created furniture specifically to your exact needs isn’t an option for most furniture-buyers, but with Le point D, the option becomes available!

Of course, the company also provides online designers to guide and assist throughout the process. Great design and customization are mere clicks away.

A showcase of design concepts

The variety of Le point D’s products is a fantastic representation of the skill sets of their designers. A quick look at their products is a fantastic example of their abilities.

Couchino Sofa

“Playing with everyday rules to surprise people”

Couch by Le Point D - Model Couchino
Customize your couch by Le Point D – Model Couchino

This unique, 3-seater sofa (200cm in length), designed by Margaux Keller, is comprised of a wooden structure with a variety of cushions serving as its back. The pillows are movable and adapt to your specific tastes. This retro-futuristic style piece fully fits in to most styles and the ability to choose between six variations of wood and cushion colors adds to its charm and customizability. This curvaceous and inviting couch is truly a unique and interesting take on the standard sofa seating and will absolutely be a key focus piece for a living room.

Crac and Boum Hue Stools

“Design furniture like it was a piece of art”

Boum - Cork Stool by Le Point D
Boum Hue – Cork Stool by Le Point D

As a uniquely circular designed pair of stools, these creations by Philippe Cramer are a beautiful and harmonious creation combining technical and organic methods. These cork stool is hand-made by specialized craftspersons to the height of 36 cm, and the cork can be specified to be hard, high-density, or a softer substance to provide slightly more comfort. This stylish and sophisticated product is absolutely a unique way to celebrate your living space and add a personalized charm that is rarely found elsewhere.

Line Up Armchair

“Escape the Aesthetic stereotype”

Line Up - Chair by Le Point D
Line Up – Armchair by Le Point D

This new and trendy armchair by Atelier DR is one of the major pieces that offers the customer to participate in its creation. This relaxing, wide-armrest chair offers a tasteful and daring expression of personality, especially when combined with the customization options it provides. Between a variety of woods and colors, this chair is easily tailored into something you can place anywhere in your home and show off a unique and interesting style. This piece was exclusively designed for Le point D and offers a taste of spontaneity and artistry that simply isn’t found anywhere else.

Sline Bookcase

“Inspiration from Origami”

Sline - Wall shelf by Le Point D
Sline – Wall shelf by Le Point D

This minimalistic and brilliant piece by Astrid Louchart combines and refines the idea of a bookend and mural shelf. This piece is simple and utilitarian while at the same time being highly individualistic and stylish. The sliding shelves stretch along the wall and can be adjusted to whatever the customer’s needs are for the moment. The eminently customizable shelf allows constant reinvention in the home and allows for different items to be showcased constantly. Keeping order amongst your personal items has never been easier or more beautifully showcased!

From the Creators themselves

“Design without complexity”

Of course, the original founders of the company have been hard at work themselves, designing iconic and interesting pieces for their flagship collection. Taking classic pieces and reinventing them with a new vision, Le point D is committed to showing you how to reimagine the staples.

Kama Bar Stool

Karma - Stool by Le Point D
Karma – Stool by Le Point D

This stylish bar stool provides a tasteful and interesting take on its kind and is available in 8 different colors, 4 different shades, and a variety of customizable sizes. Part of the Cubik family of products, this piece can be used by itself or combined with up to nine other elements in order to create the room of your dreams. Designed by the leaders of Le point D, Daublain and Sanoner, this stool is reminiscent of the friendly pub atmosphere and offers an inviting atmosphere for any room it’s placed in.

Cubik Sofa

Cubik – couch by Le Point D

Following in theme, this beautiful couch created by the original founders of Le point D is ultra-soft and fully customizable along nine different variables, allowing for an astounding level of personalization. All of the individual segments of the couch are separate, which enables you to move the component pieces around as you see fit. Even after you receive the item, customized to your desires, you can modify the sofa in-home! This is truly a compelling design feature that allows for limitless possibilities.

Rocky Armchair

Rocky - Armchair by Le Point D
Rocky – Armchair by Le Point D

Stacked with high-resilience foam cushions, the Rocky provides fantastic back support while combining the perfect balance of firmness and softness. The elegant style and the customizable colors offer buyers a tasteful and relaxing way to express themselves and show off their impeccable style. Why not sit back on your favorite chair and take a break? This French-made chair comes with all kinds of quality attributes, including fine Danish fabrics and manufacturing traditions dating back to 1887.

A Revolutionary Method

From a unique vision that incorporates a highly stylized design aesthetic to a distribution method that emphasizes customization and personalization, Le point D is on the forefront of an online furniture revolution. Never before has it been easier to get a fresh, intriguing style in your home that is modifiable to almost any personalization you wish. The time has come for the next wave of furniture manufacturers, and this new and vibrant enterprise is laying the groundwork for beautiful pieces. It’s easy to see why Le point D is becoming one of the hot new trends in the furniture and design fields!


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