It’s our birthday


It has been one year already…

When we started our adventure on October 2nd 2014, we felt the urge to share our passion for art. The good news is this passion did not fade and is even stronger.

Wonder why? Because of you. Yes, you. All the people we met along the way, supporters, customers that all shared the same love. We learned stories, hidden facts, trivias about art from all of you, and it fueled our passion even stronger. You are the muse that inspired us to keep going, even when we were facing tough times. You are the ones that encourage us by praising our concept when we are feeling down. It has been a rocky road, just like for all the new businesses, but you have made this happen. We would like to thank all of you, all the “arts enthusiasts” & “arts curious” that made this possible.

The journey does not end there. Our goal is to constantly bring new artists, perpetuate more cultural heritage, discover new museums and share this vision with a larger group. So this is only the beginning…stay tuned for more art!

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