Easy home decorating ideas for that perfect style you crave

home decorating ideas

Home decorating ideas help develop your own unique style

One of the biggest challenges of making your home truly unique is how to properly decorate.  There are so many different styles, options and things to consider when you’re trying to put your personal stamp onto your home that it can, at times, be extremely daunting.  Above all else, it’s important to consider that no matter what your style, your home will always be yours!  Experimenting with new objects and choices is always available to you and you should always consider what are the best home decorating ideas for you.  With that in mind, here are some simple steps to keep in mind to help you revitalize your home and truly create something beautiful.

home decorating ideas

It takes a while to know what your style is or could be, so take the time necessary to develop your own!  Buy an amalgam of things you really enjoy and experiment – you’ll find that in practice, some things are excellent decisions and some are slightly less impressive.  In time, you’ll be able to maximize the good choices and minimize the bad, thereby firmly establishing a unique and individual style.  The key is to experiment as much as possible!

Colors Matter

One of the most important home decorating ideas to pick is to decide on the color of the room (or rooms) that you want to work on.  Changing the color of a room will make you feel better, since it’ll be more in tune with your personality, but colors themselves have a variety of effects on mood.  Want to add a bit more energy to a room?  Try a bright orange or yellow.  Want to cultivate a more meditative space?  Try something cooler, like blue or green.

Of course, not only will the color of a room effect you, but it will also be a dramatic way to impress your guests – most walls are invariably beige or cream and lack in a personal, stylized touch.  By adding a touch of color to your home you can add that signature of originality.  The best part about this is that there is such a variety of different colors to choose from that you can really get some great choices!

Home decorating ideas -pantone colors
Pantone Colors Selection – Home Decorating Ideas

Lastly, not only is it a bold and obvious change to any room, it’s also one of the easier home decorating ideas – no furniture buying, no moving company rented, simply get a brush and start whenever you want!  Even if you decide to hire painters to finish the job for you, the cost of the work is much less than any other renovation you might be thinking about.

Easier home decorating ideas – no furniture buying, no moving company rented, simply get a brush and start whenever you want!  Even if you decide to hire painters to finish the job for you, the cost of the work is much less than any other renovation you might be thinking about.

Get some interesting Abstract art

Filling up your walls with generic pictures of your family vacations is great, but so is finding some exceptional prints of paintings you love.  Rather than showing off things everyone has seen before – pictures with friends, family, and vacations – why not show off a Basquiat,  Mondrian or Pollock print?  Not only will they be visually interesting, if they mean something to you, it’ll go that much further to showing off your identity.

Home decorating ideas - Basquiat 50 cent piece (1983)
Jean-Michel Basquiat – 50 Cent Piece (1983)

Get that one signature piece

No matter what it is, we all have something that is close to our hearts that we love showing off.  Whether it’s that baby blue desk we painted ourselves, an elegant vintage dinner table or a designer piece, it’s important to have it to work around when taking design into consideration.  By having one key element to a room to really bring it all together, the impact can be very impressive.  This is also a great way to find alternate uses for items you like, but can’t find a place for! Here we feature home decorating ideas with the iconic Eames Lounge chair as a key element.

Home decorating Ideas - Eames Lounge Chair
Charles and Ray Eames – Lounge Chair & Ottoman (1956)

Upgrade the Lighting

This is a simple fix that’s cheap and effective.  By adding personal touches to your light fixtures and bulbs, converting the mood of your home into anything you’d like – something brighter, something cozier, something a bit more energetic – has really never been easier.  This is a noticeable change that won’t break the bank, and still have a dramatic impact on your house as a whole.

lightning colors - Home decoration ideas
Nanoleaf Lightning – Home decorating ideas

Match your furniture to your style

Whether you’re looking for a modern L-shaped couch, or a sofa that’s a little more vintage, furniture is a huge decision to make when you consider changing the decor of a room.  It’s important to get items that don’t dominate the space you’re trying to reinvent while still being unique and impactful enough to justify their presence.  The best thing about upholstered furniture is that you can also change the material on the top, enabling you to use a variety of styles with the same piece! And give free rein to new home decorating ideas.

Play with blinds and curtains

Following along with lighting, changing out curtains and blinds is another easy way to dramatically improve the decoration of a room.  Very easy and very effective, this is a great way for an instant change that will be as impactful as you’d like it.  Want some shear, elegant curtains?  How about something a little more fun, like flowers or fruit?  The choice is yours and speaks greatly to your innate style.  Best of all, this is a really easy change to make – the hardest part here is buying them, because putting them up takes minutes!

Jean Paul Gaultier Curains - Home decorating Ideas
Jean Paul Gaultier – Upholstery

Don’t forget to utilize smell

By using things like eucalyptus and other strong smelling herbs, you can instantly change the feel of a room before you even enter it.  You can use essential oil dispersers or hang whole herbs from strings around a room and the effect will be the same – spicy, herby scents boosting energy levels and adding your special signature to every room in your house.  Try placing one of these items in the bathroom and let the steam of the shower lend itself to a wonderful experience!

  • Candles can also help give a wonderful atmosphere

Whether you use scented candles to provide a room with a mellow aroma or simply to provide a nice, relaxing feel, candles can have a profound impact on the decor of a room. You have access to a large choice of different candles for your home decorating ideas. Mellow firelight will always be visually satisfying, whether you have company or are simply relaxing at the end of the day, and the warmth of candles pleases even the most finicky of tastes.  There’s something about firelight, no matter how bright, that is warm for the soul.

Scented candle Haring
Scented Candle by Keith Haring – Givaudan perfume
  • Fresh Flowers are important

While it’s not generally thought of as a significant interior design choice, fresh flowers, whether you pick them yourself or get them from your florist, are a significant source of beauty and life and will instantly brighten the mood of any room you place them in.  Not only this, but vases are also a very interesting decoration that you can customize to fit perfectly into any room you’d like.  Not only that, the smell that flowers give off will greet you peacefully every time you enter the room.

Flooring has a huge impact

Whether you have carpeting in the bedroom, tile in the bathroom, or hardwood in the kitchen, flooring itself can have dramatic impacts on the style and function of a room.  No one in their right mind would want carpet in a bathroom, but what about the decision between tiled flooring and hardwood?  What color do you want it to be?  Are you looking for a warm feel, or something a little more bright and energetic?  Flooring, like walls, can have an instantly game-changing, dramatic effect on any room in your house.

Try incorporating your hobby into your decor

Are you a painter?  A knitter?  A potter?  Whatever hobby you may have may lend itself to some great design choices – having an easel and canvas in the corner of a room gives an interesting visual to an otherwise bland space.  This goes for any hobby you may have!  Utilize the tools you use for your hobby as a decorative element and the customization and personalization of any room can be prominently shown.  It always helps to have items working double duty, and it says a lot about your character if you create personal home decorating ideas!

CowParade - Create you own Cow
CowParade Art kit – Create your own decowr!

Always listen to your personal style

The most important thing to remember with decorating any space is that it is your space.  By internalizing that fact and being wildly true to your individual style, you can make some amazing decisions that will end up looking phenomenal.  While it’s important to take advice and learn a little bit about some good design decisions, ultimately the personal spin you put onto interior decorating will give your home the originality that you’re looking for!

Home decorating ideas should never be neglected

By choosing a great style and moving forward with it, you can dramatically change the look and feel of your home.  In order to truly personalize your living space, you must get your individual stamp on it and show the world what you love!  From works of art that you identify with to a fresh coat of new paint, it’s important to feel comfortable in your own home.  Interior decorating is one of the best ways to show off your taste, so be sure to go all out!

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