How to Improve your Home Design with the Best Scented Candles?


Scented candles serve two important functions for the various rooms in your home – great decoration that adds flair and style, and the ability to release pleasing scents specifically tailored to the room itself. It’s important to match both visuals and scents together to really bring out the hidden potential for the room you are decorating. Here are some best scented candles and ideas that you can use going forward for your home decorating projects!

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The best scented candles for Fancy Table Settings

Adding candles to a dining table is a classic way to add some beauty and style to your dining experience. The most important thing to remember here is to use the best scented candles that have a natural scent (such as herbs and spices) and also to make sure that these candles have a very soft, mellow aroma. Classic style is the best here.

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Warming your Living Room

The room where most families and friends spend their time should look the best it can. This is where you can get fun and show off your personal style – break out the interesting designs and smells! Art in main rooms should be about expression, so let your personality loose! By choosing interesting, idiosyncratic styles and the best scented candles, you can really leave a lasting impression for your home.

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For Relaxing, Meditative Baths

Having a mellow, warm, scented candle for your bathroom is perfect for relaxing and focusing your mind in a productive and healthy way. It’s easy to meditate when you have the best scented candles illuminating your bath, especially when its scent is easing your mind as well. Just try not to spend too long relaxing in the tub! Tranquil smells (flowers, spices) are key here – anything that relaxes your mind.

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An Inviting Foyer

The entrance hallway of your home is the first impression everyone gets when they step inside, so it’s important to be both welcoming and show off your style in one go. By choosing the best scented candles, you can establish your personality and interior decorating skills while also putting forth an air of calm hospitality to make your guests comfortable in your home. Have scents that invite the person in (baking, fresh lemon, etc.) but aren’t too potent.


A Summery Patio Setting

The patio is the most neglected area in terms of design, and one that can really benefit from a great touch of style and personality. Being surrounded by the best scented candles on a warm summer night can be a blessing, especially if you share it with the right company. For this area of the home, you’re going to want to choose outdoorsy smells (pine, lavender, etc.) that really accentuate the nature around you. Stylistically, the sky’s the limit!

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The best scented candles are a great way to incorporate great interior design with the subtle, uncommon decoration of smell. By merging these two facets of home décor, you can really let your personality and style loose and truly transform your home into something interesting and unique. Just be true to yourself and your style, and express yourself through sight and smell!

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