What does your favorite artistic movement say about you?

Favorite artistic movement - What does it say about you?

Everything we like can be traced back to qualities that are inherent in our personalities. Everything we enjoy is an outward representation of who we are.  From our favorite music or artistic movement, our preferred clothes, and food to the TV shows we watch, everything we love is a part of us.  The world of Art is absolutely representative of this, and throughout time, the idea of the artist and their art is inextricably linked in our minds.  Each artistic movement has a temperament and each can be linked to a type of personality that creates it.  Of course, this means that the art we love can say a lot about ourselves!  So just what does your favorite art say about you?

Realism artistic movement

What is it?

Realism is the artistic movement which, like its name implies, attempts to truthfully represent the given subject without any kind of artistic artificiality.

A Burial at Ornans , by Gustave Courbet - artistic movement: Realism
Gustave Courbet – A Burial at Ornans (1849-50)

It is one of the longest-standing forms of art, being contained within art movements dating back all the way to the 15th century and beyond.  It is characterized by its unflinching dedication to the actual and to proper form and technique.Everyone from Medieval tapestry makers to photo-realistic artists of our time has a foot in the realism movement and it has been one of the longest, most enduring ways to express ourselves and our talent.

Artistic Movement: Photorealism - Supreme Hardware Store (1974) by Richard Estes
Richard Estes – Supreme Hardware Store (1974)

What does Realism movement say about you?

You love the classics and you love the artistic tradition. You are probably very interested in aesthetics and design in your own life and you most likely appreciate vintage aesthetics and stories. You’re nostalgic at heart and you love reminiscing about other time periods, even if you aren’t necessarily blinded by the past. You have a great appreciation for technique and composition and love seeing a skillful hand creating something beautiful.

Notable Artists

ARtistic movement: Realism. Best known artists
Realism: Best known artists: Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Vermeer, Rembrandt.

This form has created artists of all stripes from all kinds of time periods, but important, immortal figures like

  • Michelangelo
  • Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Johannes Vermeer
  • Rembrandt and more are all good representations of the artistic movement and Realist artwork.

Impressionism artistic movement

What is it?

19th-century artistic movement, this form was characterized primarily by light colors, open compositions, small brushstrokes, and depictions of the passage of time through light (e.g., dawn or dusk motifs) all in an attempt to capture the essence of scenes (the impression) without the literal.  In pointing our attention to more ephemeral aspects of scenes, we can understand the implicit truth through them.

Impressionism artistic movement - Detail of painting technique
Artistic movement: Impressionism – detail of brush stroke technique

What does Impressionism movement say about you?

You are probably much more inclined to be a quiet and introspective artistic individual.  You love reading books and using your smarts to deal with people and social situations.  “Brevity is the soul of wit” is your motto and you’re much more likely to love and appreciate Buddhist koans than you are to listen to a long-winded political speech.  You love playful trickster characters in your stories when compared to the outgoing, extroverted ones.

Notable Artists

You can’t talk about Impressionism without mentioning first Claude Monet, who basically defines the form.

Artistic Impressionism - Claude Monet paintings
Claude Monet – Japanese Bridge (1899)

However, some other artists remain very popular and are all exceptional examples of the artistic movement as well. We will mention painters such as:

Expressionism artistic movement

What is it?

Originating in Germany in the early 20th century, Expressionism is the ultimate in subjective art. Deriving inspiration by depicting the world from the inside out, it fully puts the subjective, interior reality of the artist on display.  It is important to Expressionists to express the truth contained in subjective emotional experience by distorting the ‘real’ world radically in order to visualize their realities.

Artistic movement: Expressionism - Hans Tietze and Erica Tietze-Conrat (1909) by Oskar Kokoschka
Oskar Kokoschka – Hans Tietze and Erica Tietze-Conrat (1909)

Expressionism is an artistic movement that comes in many artistic forms. From architecture to music, the unifying theme is the emotional landscape of the artist themselves.

What does Expressionism movement say about you?

You’re the consummate artist – you are very interested in your emotions and your emotional wellbeing and you love viewing the world with your life’s subjective lens fully in view.  You love colorful and passionate art, music and stories, and your aesthetic is probably one of the loudest of the people you know.  You’re opinionated and experienced and you wouldn’t have it any other way!

Notable Artists

Artistic movement Expressionism: best know artist
Expressionism: Best known artists: Kandinsky, Munch, Modigliani, Macke.

The Expressionist movement is a wide-ranging movement from all corners of the world, but some of the most famous artists are:

Surrealism artistic movement

What is it?

Surrealism is famous and brilliant artistic movement starting in the early 1920’s. This form is typified by its complete departure from traditional compositions and conventional subject matter.  Illogic and the strange runs this medium from the bottom up and give the form its impact and its beauty.  Surprising juxtapositions and non-sequiturs run rampant over the canvas and completely asymmetrical ideas abound.

Salvador Dalí - The Persistence of Memory - Surrealism artistic movement
Salvador Dalí – The Persistence of Memory (1931)

Surprising juxtapositions and non-sequiturs run rampant over the canvas and completely asymmetrical ideas abound.

What does Surrealism movement say about you?

You probably love being playful and strange and use every opportunity to challenge people and be unique.  Your dreams and ideas and your way of looking at the world is most likely unique.  You enjoy having opera DVDs alongside Rambo and you probably play Devil’s advocate more than you should.  You most likely love Monty Python.

Notable Artists

Artistic movement: Surrealism
Surrealism: Best known artists: Kahlo, Magritte, Dali and Miro

As one of the most famous art forms in terms of popularity and recognition, Surrealist artists have enjoyed a very high level of fame.  Icons like Dali and Magritte are two of the best examples of this brilliant and vibrant art form.

But also artists such as:

Abstract Art

What is it?

Abstract art was a form that took reality itself and condensed it down to its absolute minimal and quintessential elements – to the point of creating a piece that is almost absolutely without grounding in the original vision.

Artistic movement: Abstract Art
Jackson Pollock – Mural (1943)

It is the form that exists to display the world that is independent of reality; a sculpture of the idea of Flight, for instance (a concept, not a literal reality).  Bringing to light that which is imperceptible is the primary aim of abstraction.

What does Abstract Art say about you?

You love thinking outside the box and gleaning implicit meanings from things.  You probably live in your head and probably use all kinds of things in unique and creative ways.  Just because something is real doesn’t mean that’s the end of the story, and that’s where you thrive!

Notable Artists

From Jackson Pollock to Picasso, to Mondrian and beyond, the varied and unique ways this artistic movement has represented Abstract artists are too numerous to list.

Artistic movement: Abstract Art- best artworks
Abstract Art: Best known artists: Pollock, Rothko, Krasner, Mondrian, and Picasso.

Abstract art has been around for almost a hundred years and it still has strength in the art scene to this day.

Pop Art movement

What is it?

Taking cues from popular culture, Pop Art is the artistic movement that most firmly thumbs its nose at the more established, traditional forms, because of its reliance on pop culture content and imagery.

Artistic movement - Pop Art - Whaam -Lichtenstein
Roy Lichtenstein – Whaam! (1963)

Advertising, comic books, mundane objects and more are all prime examples of subject matter for Pop Artists. It is the artistic movement that fully embraces the popular and the superficial, and thereby lifts it up and gives it an even greater relevance.

What does Pop Art say about you?

You probably love all kinds of television and advertising as a concept – Mad Men wasn’t so much a drama for you as a master class of technique and concept.  You’re interested in trends and hitting the pulse of what’s new and interesting.  You love pop culture in all its forms and love going out and seeing the newest Star Wars movie.

Notable Artists

The most famous Pop artists are also some of the most famous artists of all time.

Artistic movement - Pop Art
Pop Art – Best known artists: Warhol, Lichtenstein, Basquiat, Haring

Everyone knows who Andy Warhol is, and likewise, Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat are also household names.

Conceptual artistic movement

What is it?

Conceptual art is the most current and thriving artistic movement of our contemporary time period.  Not only this art form started in the mid 20th century but also is continuing today. Conceptual Art eschews traditional aesthetics as well as all technical and material concerns and lifts the concept above all else.

Joseph Kosuth - Clock - Conceptual Art
Joseph Kosuth – Clock (One and Five), English/Latin Version (1965 )

The idea of the piece is more important than the execution.  However, the concept is held to the absolute highest regard.  This art form is the most likely to comment on itself and the world as a whole as a prime mode of being.

What does Conceptual Art say about you?

You believe that art and artistic expression is available to everyone and you aren’t afraid to stand up and shout your opinions loud and clear.  You’re probably interested in some kind of activism. You can use your art and your political life interchangeably to express yourself and your ideological goals.  You love conceptualizing and imagining and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Notable Artists

One of the most famous pieces of conceptual art, Duchamp’s Fountain, is very quintessentially Conceptual.

conceptual art - Duchamp's fountains
Duchamp – Fountain (1917)

Along with Duchamp, other notable artists include Damien Hirst, Robert Montgomery, and Claude Rutault.

Artistic movement speaks volumes

One of the beautiful things about art is how well it represents the concerns and struggles of human beings across time and space.  From the beginning and to the very end, it will remain one of the best methods we have of finding out who we are and what we believe in.  In order to fully understand your personality, it’s incredibly useful to find out what artistic movement you love the most!

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