Decorative items: A Guide to Showcase your Passions for Art

Decorative items: A Guide to Showcase your Passions for Art
Decorative Items: Picasso Pillows on Coach by high-end manufacturer Jules Pansu
Decorative Items: Picasso Pillows by Jules Pansu

One of the beautiful things about art is how evocative and personal it can be. This is especially true if you are looking to add personality to your home with specific decorative items. These objects can be found in an art gift shop and really give your living space that special sense of home. We all love art for the effect it has on us. Consequently, what better way to decorate than to surround yourself with decorative items that you love! When it comes to displaying art, there are certain guidelines and best practices to keep in mind. In fact, to fully utilize the power of your subject and by adhering to them, you’ll get the most mileage out of your decorating scheme.

Find decorative items that resonate with you

The first point is the most important one. In order to effectively decorate your home how you like, you will need to get art that speaks to you. The decorative items you will select should have a personal and emotional impact on you before anything else. By simply purchasing art that someone tells you to or because you need to fill space, you will quickly become disenchanted with your decor. You will, for sure, yearn for something more emotional, new and exciting. By deliberately going out and getting pieces that you truly love you will end up much happier. Fill your life with decorative objects you love and you will be much happier!

Decorative Items by Jeff Koons: Ballon Dog Pink
Ballon Dog – Pink (Decorative items at Musart Boutique)

The right height is important

The proper height for a piece of art is usually the eye level of a person who is 5 foot 6 to 5 foot 8. The best way to enjoy art is not to have to look up at it (and certainly not down at it!) and by hitting this average you will reach a happy medium that will enable most people to access the painting easily. Remember though that ultimately whatever height you deem suitable is right – if you’re very tall, you shouldn’t have to look down on the decorative items you purchased!

Grouping your decorative items is visually interesting and effective

Middle Finger Gnomes by Ottmar Hörl (Musart Boutique)
Decorative items: Middle Finger Gnomes by Ottmar Hörl (Musart Boutique)

It is more effective to construct blocks – concrete groupings clustered together rather than scattered across the area. If you are displaying decorative items over a table or a couch, don’t worry if they aren’t spaced evenly. By combining placement and grouping, you can have an effective and interesting space. At the same time, you can utilize many different pieces within the same group. Efficiency and creativity are key! Experiment with sizes and numbers, with clusters and grids, and you’ll find that the ability to gain a heightened sense of decor by simply grouping together images is profound and quite enjoyable.

Don’t worry about buying everything at once!

Decorative items: Campbell Soup series of Paintings by Andy Wahrol
Campbell Soup series of Paintings by Andy Warhol

By utilizing the grouping method above when trying to fill a space, it’s important to mention that you do not need to buy everything all at once! Instead of throwing around a lot of money and time locating and purchasing the perfect set of decorative items, it pays to plan out and organize the space beforehand and have an idea of what you want the space to be. Not only that, but it saves you from having to patch and re-patch walls from the addition and removal of works of art. Nothing will save your space more than preparation and planning!

Large paintings are great for large, bare walls

Decorative Items: Wall of concrete, color fields and organic abstract forms by Troy Simmons
Don’t Look Back – artwork with concrete, color fields and organic abstract forms by artist Troy Simmons

Nothing makes a dramatic statement than a large, brilliant piece that covers a large portion of your wall. By allowing yourself to find a piece that fills an entire space, you are giving style to your home. Not only that, you are decorating an entire wall with, comparatively, little effort! It’s easy to plan out where a painting will go when you only have to worry about one of them. Not only this, but the ability to display one painting on a wall sends a very strong statement.

But don’t forget small pieces either!

Decorative Items: Collectible figurines by CowParade
Collectible figurines by CowParade featuring large and medium models (Musart Boutique)

Of course, this doesn’t mean that small pieces don’t have their place either! The proper utilization of smaller images encourages inquisitive viewers into a space, beckoning them to come closer to examine them. By cleverly utilizing grouping and interesting collectible figurines, you can extremely interesting setup with relatively less effort.

Grids matter and can transform spaces brilliantly when grouping pieces of art

A timeless and interesting technique is to establish a grid when you work with groups. By adding symmetry you make the group itself an object of admiration as well as the art contained within it. A popular and beautiful example of this can be seen with black and white decorative items. The visually similar nature of the pieces themselves already lend themselves to a certain repetition. It can be doubled down on and as well emphasized with a rigid and uniform placement. Remember that placement can be just as important as the art itself when making a statement!

Frames can break up monotony

Decorative items: How to Display Art Colelction on a Wall
Art Collection Displayed on a Wall

Picture frames can be just as much part of the experience as the paintings themselves and the varied styles of frames is almost uncountable. A really interesting way to bolster a visual style when decorating is to use as many varied frames as possible – a modern, sleek style alongside an antique bronze frame, for instance. Frames are a great way to create a unique blend of visual style to any space and most frames will mesh beautifully with others.

Decorative items: how to display frames on a Wall
Display on a wall: frames of different sizes

Consider adding a mat to your art

A mat is a piece of paper or material that blocks a work of art and separates it from the glass of the frame – not only that, but it is also an interesting consideration when looking for that extra emphasis for your favourite piece of art. Mats can enhance art greatly by giving them the perfect display to showcase them and, like the frames above, can work in unison with each other to create a visual impact themselves. Matting, like framing and placement, can become a very important factor in the display of your favourite works!

Vaulted ceilings can be a blessing

Most people will decide to decorate a wall and very often forget that other spaces exist and are in dire need of decorating as well. For instance, hanging art above doors can have a dramatic and beautiful effect on the entire room. When the ceilings of your space allow for lots of room above the doors, this gives you ample opportunity to add decorative items in a slightly unusual location. Consider how the decorative items above a space can contribute to the space below it!

Consider where the art is being displayed

Decorative Items: Maurizio Cattelan Kitchen display, Art Basel Miami, 2016
Maurizio Cattelan Kitchen display by Toilet Paper, Art Basel Miami, 2016

It would be more effective to bring a still-life of food into the kitchen or dining room that it would be in the bedroom and, likewise, a painting of a landscape would probably fare better in the living room than in the bathroom. All styles can be represented anywhere in the house, but there is a beauty in unity, and there is a certain stylistic unity that can be adhered to when considering subject matter for your decorating goals.

It doesn’t have to be a picture to get a frame

Sometimes frames can come from unlikely places – a wall, for instance, can be seen as a canvas itself, with the baseboards and molding functioning as a frame. By utilizing these decorative aspects of areas already in the home, you can harmoniously insert paintings that heighten this effect and utilize decorative elements that you might not have considered before! Sometimes the perfect decorative items are suggested by background elements. Getting creative with space is one of the most important points in decorating!

Reserve the mantelpiece for that one important work

Whether it be something personal or something big and beautiful, the mantelpiece offers a brilliant and prominent location to house any important work. Not only is it an instant attention-grabbing location – the eye always strays over to a fire – but mantelpieces are already designed in such a way as to accommodate presentations of beautiful works of art. They command the perception of the viewer because of the prominence of the position and also are works of art in themselves. Mantelpieces are a brilliant way to display art and add character to the room.

Displaying Art is in our history

The practice of hanging and displaying art is timeless and has been of great importance and value for ages. Contemporary decorating is no different in principle but it does require some contemporary considerations in order to be most effective. By studying how art interacts with space and by utilizing decorative items in such a way as to cohesively add to the space they’re in, you can enjoy a massively successful and beautiful design scheme that will contribute greatly to the beauty of your home!

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