Awesome Interior Design: Why are the Cans so cool?

Campbells Soup Cans
have been around since the 60’s and they look just as great as they did back then. Andy Warhol’s masterpiece is a fantastic design by a brilliant artist and reminds us how important it is for great art to look great. Everyone knows this famous work for a reason – so what gives? Why are the Campbells Soup Cans such a recognizable and famous works of art? Lots of people tend to decorate their place with famous art like Picasso or Van Gogh, yet you rarely see the simplistic beauty of Warhol’s work. If one is looking to buy art online, why would they choose soup cans?warhol-can2, campbell soup cans

Andy Warhol’s talent for design and showmanship

It is no secret that Andy Warhol was a commercial illustrator who worked on many design projects throughout his life. HIis shoe advertisements were famous, and he had a deep understanding of the art world. By selling out early, he readily understood why and how people buy famous art – mass appeal and instant recognition were the keys to fame. Hence, the Campbells Soup Cans. Food and consumerism merge in Warhol’s work to juxtapose something essential (nourishment) with something the opposite (corporate branding and decoration) and it makes a really great argument for advertisement as art.

Campbells Soup Cans take a traditional art style and invert it

The established art collections by great artists at the time tended to deal with similar topics, such as the nude, landscapes, emotions; in a word, beauty. By taking these pillars of ‘high art,’ Warhol contradicted expectations by making his subject something completely normal and pedestrian. In a way, the cans act as great art specifically because they are cans and not a beautiful tree or a representation of an abstract emotion. The Campbells soup cans enable the artist to comment on an everyday necessity and the nature of art itself.

mug-warhol4 - campbells soup cans

They look wonderful and unique

Like all great interior design and famous art, the Campbells Soup Cans have an interesting and beautiful look that is timeless and original. Warhol’s ability to successfully recreate and resell the Campbell’s brand by converting it into a masterpiece of Pop culture is an impressive display of his talent. The Campbell soup cans are instantly recognizable by themselves and their reputation has given them even more renown. Being able to display a famous collection like this instantly draws attention and intrigue to a location and satisfies all of our needs for aesthetics and order.

crayons warhol - Campbells soup cans
crayons warhol

The Cans have been a staple of Pop Art since they were introduced in 1962 and they show no signs of becoming obscure. Whether you appreciate the boldness and impish creativity of Warhol or prefer a more traditional piece of art to decorate their home with, it’s undeniable that the influence of Warhol’s masterpiece has earned the right to our walls. Through elaborate reproduction processes and careful advertisement, the Campbells soup cans have become one of the more recognizable pieces of contemporary art. Their fame will last as long as the ongoing discussion of art does, because they are a pivotal and wonderful piece of the Pop Art movement.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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