Build a Collection and Add Character to your Home

Build a collection and add design to your home decor - Eames miniatures by Vitra

Build a collection and enhance your home decor

Your home is your sanctuary, build a collection in your own personal space. Just like your clothes and your accessories, your home is an extension of your character, and the way in which you decorate it is self-expression. Still, more often than not, we decorate our homes to follow a modern trend rather than our own instincts. You should make your house or apartment exactly how you want it for maximum comfort and pride – and what reflects your character better than art?

Bringing more art into your home is a fantastic way to add a little more personality and aesthetic appeal, satisfying yourself and your guests. We’re not saying you should clutter your home with hundreds of paintings and ornaments, of course; we’re just saying that you should invest in a selection of beautiful pieces which appeal to your personal tastes and show visitors who you are.

Invest in a Decorative Chair

The best chairs are designed as much for form as function. In the past century, designers have created various beautiful chairs which bring an air of sophistication and elegance to any room, powerful enough to act as a centerpiece. One of the most iconic is the Eames lounge chair and ottoman set – the pinnacle of class.

Not only is the Eames set beautifully simple, it’s also incredibly comfortable, encouraging a relaxed posture perfect for quiet contemplation, reading, napping, or even catching up on paperwork. This set is fairly expensive, but worth every cent.

Other favorites include the Barcelona chair and the Le Corbusier chaise. All three work incredibly well in modern homes, alongside a few carefully-chosen complementary pieces. It is a very good start to build a collection of unique, valuable and oustanding design pieces.

Eames - Lounge chair & ottoman 1956
Eames – Lounge chair & Ottoman 1956

Add Artistic Flourishes to Essentials

Every home needs mirrors, vases, Pillows, trays and other little essentials. You might love mugs so much that you can just build a collection of iconic items. Why not invest in decorative pieces for your living room which feature reproductions of classic art?

For example, a mug bearing Warhol’s iconic Campbell’s Soup is a subtle way to add more character and dynamism to your cabinets. Replace your plain scatter cushions with pillows carrying reproductions of Da Vinci’s Horse, Picasso’s The Dream, or Magritte’s This Is Not An Apple. Leave a compact mirror bearing Frank Lloyd Wright’s Biltmore on your coffee table.

Investing in these smaller pieces is a cost-efficient, simple way to build a unique and eclectic art collection over time. Choose items that reflect your tastes, no matter how bold or outlandish they may appear to others. Remember: this is your home.

The Power of Sculptures

A beautiful sculpture has the power to transform the aesthetic appeal of an entire room. A bare window sill, coffee table, or bedside stand can be totally revitalized by simply adding a well-chosen piece.


Build a collection of colorful Venus de Milo Statues

Reproductions of classic artworks are available at competitive prices, bringing timeless elegance to any bedroom, living room, kitchen, or bathroom. Wow your guests by placing a Venus De Milo in the center of your dining table, replacing that common fruit bowl. Add personality to your bathroom with a Girl With Pearl Earring on the window sill. Put Pompon’s beautiful Dark Brown Bear With Head Down on your living room table.

Of course, our famous Cow Parade is ideal for adding color to your home, inspired by some of history’s greatest works of art. The Moogritte Cow, dressed in a fetching bowler hat with an apple on his face, is irresistible, while our Pop Art cow is popping with modernistic cool. Gnomes, on the other hand, are a fun and colorful complement to our Cow Parade, rendered with the same exquisite craftsmanship.

cow potter
CowParade – Moo Potter models (medium and Small)

Choose several pieces carefully, and arrange them strategically to capture the eye of any visitor. Build a collection with Musart Boutique’s decorative pieces for living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom use is ideal for bringing undeniable character to your home.

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