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Will flood of exhibits worldwide create Picasso art overdose?

Picasso art - 40 Picasso exhibitions in 3 years to celebrate artist's interest for the region

No less than 37 exhibitions devoted to Picasso art – the true painting genius of the twentieth century – are planned until 2019. A phenomenon that art experts justify by his protean talent. Once upon a time an artist born under the reign of King Alfonso XII in Spain, who lived two world wars, many revolutions […]

The Mystery of the Self – Individuality through Frida Kahlo’s portraiture

Frida Kahlo - Portraiture -The Two Fridas

Frida’s art of portraiture Frida Kahlo’s portraiture has captured the imagination of the world for decades and allowed us to get a personal, intimate glimpse into one of the most famous artists of our time. Not only have her art inspired artists of all kinds, she was one of the members of the vanguard of […]