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Twelve of the Best Museums in the World

best museums in the world

The best pieces of art, generated from thousands of years of human invention, need to be placed in the best museums to show our appreciation.  Around the world are some of the most prestigious and beautiful museums known to humankind and all of them contain a literal treasure-trove of priceless artifacts from days gone by […]

Epic Narratives in Classic Art Masterpieces

Art Masterpices - Mythology

Western culture has always been extremely interested in the mythic figures and stories of antiquity.  For hundreds of years, mythologies of all kinds have been a staple subject of many art masterpieces and have contributed to a long tradition of epic narratives in art.  From the Abrahamic religions to western mythologies, the stories we have […]

The History of the Nativity Scene in Art

Adoarion of the Magi - Leonardo da Vinci

One of the most popular and notable Christmas scenes in the public eye is the Nativity scene – the birth of Jesus in the manger. While Christmas is a mostly secular tradition nowadays, the date is inextricably linked through its religious history. The name of the date itself refers to “Christ’s Mass,” and has only […]

Easy home decorating ideas for that perfect style you crave

home decorating ideas

Home decorating ideas help develop your own unique style One of the biggest challenges of making your home truly unique is how to properly decorate.  There are so many different styles, options and things to consider when you’re trying to put your personal stamp onto your home that it can, at times, be extremely daunting.  […]

The motivating power of Sex in Art

Sex in Art the Motivating Power

Since the ancient times, art has been a fixture of human development.  It has helped us figure out our emotions and thoughts and has progressed social values and culture.  Art has been there for us to share our experiences and showcase what drives and motivates us for tens of thousands of years. While different eras […]