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The Most Expensive Paintings – Are these Masterpieces worth that much?

Most expensive painting, Gauguin, De Koonings, Pollock, Roth

The art world is a very subjective space. The quality of art is defined, essentially, by the opinion of experts and the price of said art is open to interpretation as well – art isn’t sold like a car or a book; auctions are the most important way that famous art gets sold. This ensures that […]

The Strange and Shocking: Important Scandals that hit the Art World

Art world scandals - The strange and shocking

The Art world into question It’s no surprise that the Art world has seen countless numbers of events that shook up the status quo. Within any conversation is a dissenting voice, and sometimes that voice is tailor-made to hit to the very heart of established viewpoints. The art world has always functioned in this same […]